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     in the 19th century this red grape variety came to Germany from Austria and Hungary - originally it was first cultivated in Portugal - as the name implies.

     Our Portugieser Rotwein trocken (dry) is a traditional medium bodied red wine full of delicate pepper notes and spicy flavours balanced with soft tannins through to a long fine finish.

     Our Portugieser Weißherbst feinherb (medium dry) is the Rosé version - the red grapes are pressed immediately after harvesting - no crushed must fermentation.

A flavoursome, fruity wine displaying a light ruby colour and a bouquet of red berries like red current and sour cherry leaving a smooth and persistent palate length. Ideal as a summer wine.

15er  Portugieser Rotwein
Dürkheimer Feuerberg
3,90 €          0,75 l

15er  Portugieser Rosé
Dürkheimer Feuerberg
3,80          0,75 l


    a successful new crossing - bred in 1955 at Weinsberg by a local vintner called Immanuel Dornfeld - originally used for as blending wine to add depth to the colour of other red wines.

     Our Dornfelder Classic is a medium to full-bodied, traditonal Dornfelder, deep red violet in colour with a bouquet of black berries and cherries complexed by smooth and spicy tannins as a result of maturation in oak casks.

Since 2014 we also can offer you a Dornfelder Rosé medium dry. With its intense fruit aromas like sour cherry, blackberry or black currant on the nose and a discreet sweetness, this Rosé wine is perfect for lovers of medium dry wines.
This young fruity Dornfelder Rosé served slightly chilled is a great picnic wine.

17er  Dornfelder Rotwein
Classic  Qualitätswein trocken
4,20 €          0,75 l

17er  Dornfelder  Rosé
Qualitätswein  trocken
3,80 €          0,75 l


     or Pinot Noir is a classic among the red wines - as the name implies it originated from Burgundy. The grapes are amongst the earliest selected varieties from the wild vines of the Western Central Europe. The ancient and noble grape demands a very good knowledge of winemaking. Climate, topography and soils are also high demanding factors influencing the quality and character of a Spätburgunder.

     Our Spätburgunder Classic is a medium-red mouth-filling, velvety smooth wine with fruity aromes of blackberries, cherries and finishing with a soft touch of bitter almond.

16er   Spätburgunder Rotwein
  Qualitätswein trocken
4,40 €          0,75 l

2015er   Spätburgunder Rotwein
Spätlese trocken
7,80 €          0,75 l


     first documented in 1435 - near Hochheim (Rheingau) - the noble Riesling grape probably was selectively picked from wild vines of the Upper Rhine. The name Riesling comes from the synomyme "verrieseln" (= couluring) during blossom of the vines.

Our Riesling Kabinett trocken (dry) is a premium, rich Mittelhaardt Riesling with a complex bouquet of fruits that hints peach, green apple and quince. At the palate fresh and dry with a grisp acidity.

16er Riesling
Pfalz   Kabinett trocken
3,90 €          0,75 l

17er Riesling
Pfalz   Kabinett feinherb
3,90 €          0,75 l


    named after the Tyrolean village of Tramin, this ancient variety has been grown along the Upper Rhine and the Pfalz (Palatinate) for centuries. At Rhodt, a small and pittoresque Palatinate wine village, you still will find a 400-year-old Gewürztraminer vineyard - a real heritage of wine culture.


 Our 2010 Gewürztraminer Spätlese completes the range of our speciality wines with its soft fragrance of nutmeg - a wine just made for the Gewürztraminer aficionados! 

In 2014 we created a Gewürztraminer Qualitätswein medium-dry with a hint of Muscat at the palate and a soft fragance of roses on the nose. This wine especially is made for our "Dry Wine Amateurs "!

Our last years' Number One Cuvee - the Riesing & Gewürztraminer - unfortunately is sold out. 2014 we had the idea to create something new - our Rivaner & Gewürztraminer Cuvee.   A wine blended with 70 % Rivaner and 30 % Gewürztraminer that offers a harmonious interplay of soft refreshing acidity and the natural fruit flavour.
Just try it!   


2017er Riesling & Gewürztraminer
Qualitätswein  feinherb  
4,20 €          0,75 l

17er Gewürztraminer
Pfalz   Spätlese
4,80 €          0,75 l

Grauer Burgunder

    known as Pinot Gris in France or Pinot Grigio in Italy also originates from the Burgundy family. Most probably it is a mutation of the Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) grape.

     Our Grauburgunder Spätlese trocken (dry) is a full-flavoured wine rich of honey, caramel and almond flavours with a clean fresh acid finish that hints of Ananas and quince.   

The ripe flavours of dried fruit, raisins and almonds together with toasty French vanillian oak resulting in a luscious, smooth finish.

     Our Grauburgunder Beerenauslese trocken (dry) of the year 1992 with its deep, rich colour of amber is characterized by its alkoholic volume of 17 % and a palate full of caramel, sherry, honey and dried fruit. A real treasure!

16er Grauburgunder
Classic Qualitätswein trocken
4,20 €          0,75 l

Rivaner / Müller-Thurgau   

     1872 bred by Prof. Dr. Müller of the Swiss canton Thurgau at the former Rheingau University of Agriculture and Oenology, Geisenheim. For years, Rivaner as its synonym Müller-Thurgau, was the most spread grape variety of the Palatinate.

     Our Rivaner Classic trocken (dry) is a typical representative of this variety. A full-flavoured taste of green apples and gooseberries with a soft hint of nutmeg and a clean fresh acid finish. A light dry wine especially suited for the asparagus season.


17er Rivaner
Pfalz Kabinett feinherb
3,80          0,75 l


Similar to the Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) the Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) is a mutation of the burgundy family. This grape variety need a high demand on soil and climate and is cultivated by us since 2013.

Our 2014er Weißburgunder Kabinett dry is a perfect "First Edition" of this young vineyard. With its fruity Bouquet on the nose and hints of pineapple, apricot and banana at the palate together with a fine structure of acidity this wine owns all qualitites you can expect from a typical Pinot Blanc.

14er Weißburgunder 
Pfalz  Kabinett trocken
4,20 €          0,75 l

2015er Weißburgunder
Classic Qualitätswein trocken
4,20 €          0,75 l